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With more than 20 years experience, Susan Lilly has a proven formula for success. Lilly & Company is a team of winners with the track record to prove it. We take great pride in being the only statewide fundraising and consulting firm.


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Our Clients In Action

Senator Tim Scott & Congressman John Ratcliffe

April 1, 2019

Great to have Senator Tim Scott in Dallas this morning for breakfast with Congressman John Ratcliffe!

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Will Hurd Has Defied Both Liberals and Donald Trump. Is He the Future of the GOP or a Party of One?

March 13, 2019

Will Hurd opened with a joke. “Oh, you want to ask me about the wall? I was figuring we’d talk about the Spurs,” he said. “We’re talking about the Spurs’ victory last night, is that right?” It was a chilly February morning in Washington, D.C., and Hurd, a Republican congressman representing Texas’s Twenty-third District, which includes more than a third…

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Arkansas congressman unveils care proposal; employer-penalty repeal among provisions in health bill

March 8, 2019

WASHINGTON — Under legislation introduced Monday evening by U.S. Rep. Bruce Westerman, R-Ark., employers who don’t provide health insurance for their employees would no longer be penalized. The measure would also raise caps on premiums for older, high-risk Americans while allowing new restrictions on enrollment for those seeking insurance through state exchanges. The Republican-backed 2017 tax law eliminated the “individual…

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