Paul Ryan on record-breaking fundraising pace, big 2016 boost to House GOP

February 8th, 2016 | PAUL BEDARD | Washington Examiner

Doubts about rookie House Speaker Paul Ryan’s ability to advance a new GOP agenda and woo donors have been swept aside with his swift move to rewrite the Republican agenda and domination of fundraising.

Supporters are responding to his quick efforts to challenge President Obama and offer the 2016 Republican ticket key issues to run on with donations surpassing the staggering amount former House Speaker John Boehner collected.
Consider: In 2015, Boehner transferred a whopping $8 million from his accounts to the National Republican Congressional Committee, the group that helps House Republicans run elections. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy ponied up about $4 million.

In just the first 90 days of Ryan’s speakership, his political operation, Team Ryan, has transferred an eye-popping $6.6 million to the committee, with a lot more expected.

In January alone, the Wisconsin lawmaker shipped $2.5 million to the committee, nearly topping the $2.6 million Boehner sent to the campaign shop in the first three months of 2015, a show of fundraising force few saw coming.

And in December, Ryan’s transfer of $2.5 million was an off-year monthly record for any speaker.

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